Venison Prosciutto – Part 2

After curing in the fridge for several weeks, the ham was ready to dry out. The process started in the attic... January 3rd, morning - Removed the leg from the fridge, a small amount of liquid had accumulated in the plastic wrap over the past few weeks. I discarded the plastic and rinsed the cure… Continue reading Venison Prosciutto – Part 2


Venison Prosciutto – Part 1

On November 30, 2015, my father-in-law and I ventured out into the woods outside of Plainfield, Ohio. His father-in-law's old Ted Williams shotgun was in my hands as we walked, carrying on a generations-old tradition. We found our spots, looking at a wooded hillside across from a spring-fed beaver pond. Within two hours of taking… Continue reading Venison Prosciutto – Part 1